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1. Hamsters are notorious food hoarders

  • The term “hamster” comes from the German word, hamstern, which means “to hoard.”
  • You will normally see hamsters shoveling food into their cheek pouches when eating, they do this to store it so that they can have something to snack on at a later stage.

2. Hamsters’ teeth grow continuously

3. Hamsters don’t have very good eyesight and are in fact colour blind as well as near-sighted.

  • Hamsters rely on scent to find their way around

4. Your hamster can catch the flu/common cold from you.

  • The symptoms for your hamster are the same as they are for you: Fatigue, runny nose and sneezing.
  • If you have the flu/common cold try not to handle your hamster until you are better.

5. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures.

  • Most of the time they run on their wheels during the evening, since they are nocturnal. So don’t keep them in your room should you wish to have a good night’s sleep.

6. The European Hamster is one of the largest species of hamster and can grow up to 33cm in length. Also known as the Eurasian Hamster, black-bellied hamster or common hamster, it is currently critically endangered in most European countries. 

  • These hamsters are not ideal pets as they prefer to live in complex burrow systems and are known to be extreme hoarders and may store up to 65kg of food before hibernation during the winter period.

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