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Winter is a beautiful season, with it’s chilly breezes and snow covered trees (if you get snow where you live) however, as beautiful as it is, it does come with some worries as well for example the effects it may have on your pets if they are exposed to the cold for too long.

Some fur babies handle cold weather much better than others and can be exposed to the cold outdoors for longer periods of time, for example Alaskin Malamutes, Siberian Huskey’s, Saint Bernards and many more, these dogs have longer hair and thick coats

This being said, you should not leave your pet outside for to long in cold weather as cats and dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia just like humans.

Some of the dog breeds that generally can’t handle cold that well are Shih Tzus, Chihuahua’s and any other dog that has short fur and not enough body fat to keep themselves warm.

Unlike us, our fur children can’t drink hot chocolate to keep warm, but there are other ways we can help them stay cosy, we have listed five steps below that you can use to aid your dog/cat during winter:

  1. Avoid using metal feeding bowls during winter as they tend to get extremely cold very quickly.
  2. Create “fluffy/cosy” sleeping corners for your dog/cat in areas of your house that aren’t to cold so that they can snuggle down and relax, avoid using any materials that pose as a fire hazard whilst doing this.
  3. If you are taking your dog for a walk, shorter walks are always a good idea during winter so that they are not exposed to the cold for long periods of time.
  4. Cats tend to hide in the underside of your car during the cold, make sure to knock on the car prior to leaving and make sure that he/she isn’t anywhere close to your car when you leave, this will help you avoid the risk of injuring your cat.
  5. Putting a coat or sweater on your dog before leaving for a walk is great if it is really cold outside.

There are many more tips out there that will assist you and your beloved dog/cat during winter, taking a bit of time and doing some research on winter and your animals is great as winter affects each “area, country” differently, this will help you obtain the best information for you based on your area.

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