AKWA – Elegance 100 (220 litres)


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A super premium 220 litre aquarium that includes everything you could possibly need to start your new underwater habitat:

  • Crystal Clear “Starfire” Glass
  • Premium plastic coated cabinet + hood
  • Easy access to aquarium, filters and accessories
  • Suitable as a freshwater, planted freshwater or marine aquarium.


  • 220 litre “Starfire” glass tank
  • 55 litre glass sump
  • Hood, top and bottom trimmings
  • 80w LED lighting system
  • Premium plastic coated wood cabinet with 2 doors
  • Glass sump equipped with starter media
  • 1400L/H pump (2m Head)
  • 300w heater with thermostat
  • Complete water pipe set

Sump Filter:


Technical Data


  • Aquarium Size: 99 x 44 x 59cm
  • Cabinet Size: 100 x 45 x 80cm
  • Sump Filter Size: 71 x 30 x 40cm
  • Combined Height: 140cm


  • 80w LED Lighting System


  • Sun Sun HJ-1542 1400L/h pump (2m head)


  • 300w Dophin heater with thermostat

Filter Media

  • 2 x Dophin Carbon + Zeolite 400g
  • Bio Balls 2kg
  • 2 x Matala Mat 285 x 150mm
  • Matala Mat 285 x 200mm
  • Jap Mat 260 x 150mm
  • 2 x Filter Mat Square 260 x 150mm



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