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ISTA – Disposable C02 Supply Set


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Ideal for Nano Tanks.  These sets can be easily adapted to any kind of tank, even plug and play tanks. Ideal for beginners, and low light tanks, with low demands for CO2.  The CO2 could last for months, if setup correctly.  For low light tanks, the rate of 1 bubble every 5 seconds can guarantee the usage for months.  Place the CO2 diffuser to the very bottom of the tank to achieve the best CO2 diffusing effect.


  • Disposable 16g CO2 cartridge included.
  • Modern supporting rack included, provides convenient and easy installation.
  • High quality CO2 flow regulator provides constant and reliable CO2 supply.
  • Smart and quality acrylic diffuser provides the best diffusing effect.
  • Apply up to 50 times of CO2 injections through the diffuser set.

Usage Directions

  1. Fasten the CO2 out let controlling node to the closed position.
  2. Connect and fasten the pressure regulator to the CO2 cartridge until needle valve of the CO2 regulator punches through the top of the CO2 cartridge.
  3. Connect the CO2 outlet from the CO2 flow regulator to the diffuser set with a CO2 pipe.
  4. Submerse and fasten the diffuser set in the tank, and then bleed any remaining air from the diffuser set.
  5. Gently and slowly turn on the controlling node on the flow regulator to inject the CO2 into the diffuser until the diffuser is completely filled.


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