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This premium tonic from ISTA is rich in B1 and other essential vitamins, this tonic is perfect to help fish in forming a slime coat to guard against infection and other diseases.

Product Features

1) Vitamin B1 stimulates appetite and enhances color

2) Treats various diseases like tail rot, gill reddening, dropsy, etc

3) Forms slime coating to protect against bacterial infection

4) Assists in clarifying water

5) Harmless to aquatic plants


Product Description

Ista General Tonic has been formulated to strengthen fish against many

diseases. It effectively treats fish ailing from diseases, like tail rot, gill reddening,

skin infection, rapid respiration, discoloration, emaciation, dropsy and pop-eye.

Vitamin B1 also helps to stimulate appetite and enhance the intensity of colours.

The tonic forms a protective slime coating over the fish to guard them against

bacterial infection. The General Tonic would also help in clarifying aquarium water;

and is absolutely harmless to water plants.


What are the benefits?

Ista brings a single solution to many of the problems affecting your fish. The General

Tonic offers protection to these delicate water dwellers from various infections.

Besides caring for the fish, the formula also aids in clarifying the water, and has no

adverse effects on aquatic plants.




Use the cap as measurement, one capful as 10ml, 20ml applies to 100L of water.

One treatment could last for 48 hours. 3 consecutive dosages are recommended as

one treatment cycle.

If symptoms persist, 1/3 of water change is required before another treatment.



 Shake well and dilute before using. Combined dosage with any other

medication is prohibited

 Store in cool area, avoid direct sunlight

 Keep out of reach of children

 Remove the active carbon from the filtering system before dosage


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