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AQUASHRIMP POWDER has been hand picked by Prodibio from numerous mineral compositions. Its balanced formula promotes healthy plant growth and strong root development. AQUASHRIMP POWDER is ideal for shrimps and young shrimps. It is ready to use and does not need to be rinsed. A high temperature treatment (around 1200°C/2192°F) gives AQUASHRIMP POWDER its physical properties and frees it from parasitic species which could contaminate the aquarium. The powder texture of AQUASRIMP SOIL is thin enough to avoid shrimp eggs to fall in the soil, while allowing plants to grow their roots properly and porous enough to allow nitrifying bacteria to properly colonise the substrate and properly improve the water quality.

AQUASHRIMP POWDER is ready to use. It is not necessary to rinse it. A 3 liter/3 Kg (0.75 GAL/105.82 oz) bag is suitable for a 20 liter (5 Gal)
aquarium. This will allow a soil thickness of around 5 cm (2 inches). Using 150 g (5.29 oz) of soil per liter (0.25 Gal) will grant the aquarium the best
soil quantity needed. The powder texture of AQUASHRIMP POWDER will allow shrimps to lay their eggs and keep them at the surface of the substrate,
preventing the trapping of the eggs by the soil.

1. a). Pour a height of approximately 1 cm (0.4 inch) of dechlorinated water in the aquarium. b). Optional: if the substrate additive BACTERKIT
from Prodibio is used, mix it in the water.

2. a). If the aquarium is not going to be planted, or lightly planted, directly add the quantity of AQUASHRIMP POWDER needed. At this stage,
AQUASHRIMP POWDER will absorb all the water. b). Optional: If the aquarium is going to host a lot of plants, first add a layer of AQUAGROWTH
as per instructions. AQUAGROWTH SOIL has a granule size better suited for fixation and development of plant roots. On top of the
AQUAGROWTH SOIL, add around 2 to 3 cm (0.8 to 1.1 inches) of AQUASHRIMP POWDER in order to cover AQUAGROWTH SOIL layer. This will
avoid having shrimp eggs and young shrimps to be trapped in the soil, and will help them to stay at the surface of the AQUASHRIMP POWDER.
At this stage, the soils will absorb all the water.

3. Add the main decoration elements (stones, aquatic woods, etc…) and install the aquatic layout as desired. 

4. a). Add more water gently to avoid creating holes in the substrate and breaking the aquarium design until the soil surface has been covered
in water. b). Optional: in case of a planted aquarium, add plants and continue to set up the aquarium decoration until everything looks as

5. Gently fill up the aquarium with more dechlorinated water. Floating of soil fragments may occur, remove them this happens. Water may
become cloudy once the aquarium has been fully filled. Cloudiness will naturally disappear after a few hours or especially when the filtration
system has been running. If cloudiness remains, drain part of the water and refill the aquarium with clean dechlorinated water.

6. Start up the aquarium and safely introduce your fish and shrimps after using Prodibio’s water treatment range for fresh water aquariums.
CHLORAL RESET will remove chlorine and chloramine from water, START UP will kick start the nitrogen cycle before introducing fish and
shrimps, regular addition of BIOCLEAN FRESH will maintain the water quality, BIOVERT will fertilize plants (shrimp safe) and BIOKIT
FRESH combines BIOCLEAN FRESH and BIOVERT in one box.


BACTER KIT SOIL is a kit to seed an aquarium’s soil. It contains: 
BACTER SOIL: includes several strains of living bacteria aimed at colonising the soil of a new aquarium. 
NUTRI SOIL: nutriments needed for proper bacterial development. 
Carefully selected bacteria of BACTER SOIL will install optimal biological filtration. It is recommended to use BACTER KIT SOIL with AQUAGROWTH SOIL and/or AQUASHRIMP POWDER by Prodibio. BACKER KIT SOIL is also suited for any other soil. Once the aquarium is set up, use START UP
It is recommended to use BACTER KIT SOIL with AQUAGROWTH Soil and/or AQUASHRIMP POWDER by Prodibio. BACKER KIT SOIL is also suited for any other soil. 
How to use: Pour up to 1 cm of water in the tank, add Bacter Kit Soil, mix it. Add the soil, the plants and the rest of the decor, then more water.


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