Royal Canin - English Bulldog Adult


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Royal Canin – English Bulldog Adult


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Royal Canin Bulldog Adult is tailored specifically to meet your bulldog’s nutritional needs, with a unique kibble shape to make eating easy despite their characteristic muzzle.

How it works

This food has been specially designed to give your bulldog everything it needs for a healthy, happy life. Ingredients include brewers rice, vegetable oil, fish oil and beef and chicken proteins. These all contribute to your dog’s bone and joint health, as well as helping to maintain healthy skin.

The shape of the kibble makes it easy for your dog to eat, too, as bulldog’s characteristic muzzles can sometimes cause them problems when eating regular dog food. Proteins in the food are also very easy for your bulldog to digest and absorb and come from high-quality animal sources. This helps to promote a healthy digestive system, while also reducing stool odour.

Key benefits

  • nutritionally complete mix includes everything your bulldog needs for a healthy diet
  • kibble shape makes picking up and eating food much easier for your dog
  • helps maintain healthy skin
  • helps maintain healthy joints and bones
  • easy to digest and reduces stool odour.

When to use it

The bulldog is one of the oldest breeds in the UK, but their most defining feature can also be what gives them the most difficulty: your bulldog’s broad, upturned muzzle can make it hard for them to eat. The specially designed kibble shape of Royal Canin Bulldog Adult helps your dog to eat a lot more comfortably, giving them a tasty, satisfying meal.

Bulldogs are also vulnerable to a number of skin conditions, including acne and fold dermatitis. A good diet, especially one tailored specifically for this breed, can help to combat and prevent these problems. Arthritis and joint problems are also common to bulldogs. Once again though, the right diet can help to minimise the risk and development of joint conditions and keep your bulldog happy, active and healthy.

The English Bulldog has a very short (brachycephalic), broad muzzle that is turned upward. This breed also has thick and deep “chops” that completely overhang the jaw the lower jaw. The wave-shaped kibble design for the Bulldog formula helps the Bulldog more easily pick up kibble.


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