Royal Canin – Light Weight Care

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Royal Canin Feline Light 40 is specially blended to help your cat limit weight-gain, while providing all the nutritional requirements they need.

How it works

This food is a mix of hydrolysed proteins, healthy oils, fats, and fibres, which provide excellent nutritional value while limiting fat intake. Hydrolysed proteins are proteins which are already partially broken down in the food. This makes them very easy for your cat to digest and absorb. The blend of vegetable fibres works with the proteins to help keep your cat feeling satisfied and full. The mix is proven to reduce daily calorie intake by up to 17%, making it suitable if your cat needs to return to a healthier weight. L-carnitine is also included, which aids your cat in converting fatty acids into energy. Additionally, it contributes to lower overall cholesterol levels.

Key benefits

  • healthy ingredients with low fat content
  • hydrolysed proteins are easy for your cat to digest
  • fibres help to satisfy your cat’s hunger, reducing overeating
  • proven to reduce daily calorie intake by up to 17%
  • L-carnitine helps reduce cholesterol.

When to use it

If your cat is overweight, they could be at risk from many of the same health problems as humans. Diabetes, joint damage, and difficulties with organs are all possible outcomes. Your cat gains weight when they eat and produce more energy than they use. This energy is measured as calories. Additionally, neutered cats can suffer problems with weight gain, as the neutering alters a cat’s metabolism. This often means your cat will still have the same appetite, but their body actually needs less food. Keep an eye on your cat. If they seem to be a little lazier than normal, or make a loud noise when jumping off the sofa or bed, they could be overweight. You should be able to feel your cat’s ribs if you gently feel the torso. This is generally a sign your cat is at a healthy weight.


Weight care

Weight Care is a precisely balanced nutritional formula which helps maintain a healthy body condition.

Special blend of fibres

Special blend of fibres including psyllium helps to increase the volume of food in the stomach, thus helping to naturally reduce spontaneous eating.

High protein

High protein content to help maintain muscle mass.

Low fat

Low fat content to help limit weight gain.

Enriched with L-Carintine

Enriched with L-carnitine, involved in healthy fat metabolism

Proven results

With exclusive use of Weight Care, the calorie intake is reduced by 17%* and the cat’s appetite is satisfied. *Royal Canin internal study, 2006 -Spontaneous daily consumption compared to a similar medium calorie feed for cats.

Urinary health

Formulated with a balance of minerals to help maintain the health of an adult cat’s urinary system.

Feeding Guidelines

Recommended Daily Feeding Portion
WeightLow ActivityMedium Activity
4 lb (1.8 kg)3/8 cup (26 g)3/8 cup (34 g)
5 lb (2.3 kg)3/8 cup (32 g)1/2 cup (43 g)
6 lb (2.7 kg)1/2 cup (38 g)5/8 cup (51 g)
7 lb (3.2 kg)1/2 cup (45 g)3/4 cup (60 g)
8 lb (3.6 kg)5/8 cup (51 g)7/8 cup (68 g)
9 lb (4.1 kg)3/4 cup (57 g)1 cup (77 g)
10 lb (4.5 kg)3/4 cup (64 g)1 cup (85 g)
11 lb (5 kg)7/8 cup (70 g)1 1/8 cups (94 g)
12 lb (5.4 kg)1 cup (77 g)1 1/4 cups (102 g)
13 lb (5.9 kg)1 cup (83 g)1 3/8 cups (111 g)
14 lb (6.4 kg)1 1/8 cups (89 g)1 1/2 cups (119 g)
15 lb (6.8 kg)1 1/8 cups (96 g)1 5/8 cups (128 g)
16 lb (7.3 kg)1 1/4 cups (102 g)1 5/8 cups (136 g)
17 lb (7.7 kg)1 3/8 cups (109 g)1 3/4 cups (145 g)
18 lb (8.2 kg)1 3/8 cups (115 g)1 7/8 cups (153 g)
19 lb (8.6 kg)1 1/2 cups (121 g)2 cups (162 g)
20 lb (9.1 kg)1 5/8 cups (128 g)2 1/8 cups (170 g)
21 lb (9.5 kg)1 5/8 cups (134 g)2 1/4 cups (179 g)
22 lb (10 kg)1 3/4 cups (141 g)2 1/4 cups (187 g)
1 cup = 8 fluid ounces = 82 grams
100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition
Feline CARE Nutrition™ WEIGHT CARE is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.


dehydrated poultry protein, vegetable protein isolate*, maize, vegetable fibres, hydrolysed animal proteins, wheat, maize flour, rice, maize gluten, animal fats, beet pulp, minerals, yeasts, fish oil, psyllium husks and seeds (0.5%), soya oil. ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives: Vitamin A: 19300 IU, Vitamin D3: 700 IU, E1 (Iron): 34 mg, E2 (Iodine): 3.4 mg, E4 (Copper): 10 mg, E5 (Manganese): 44 mg, E6 (Zinc): 131 mg, E8 (Selenium): 0.05 mg. L-carnitine: 210 mg – Preservatives – Antioxidants. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Protein: 40% – Fat content: 10% – Crude ash: 7.1% – Crude fibres: 7.6% – Total dietary fiber: 15.8%. *L.I.P.: Protein selected for its very high assimilation.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min)37.0%
Crude Fat (min)8.3%
Crude Fiber (max)9.3%
Moisture (max)8.0%
L-Carnitine* (min)140 mg/kg
*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profile.

Calorie Content

This diet contains 3223 kilocalories per kilogram or 277 kilocalories per cup ME (metabolizable energy) on an as fed basis (calculated).


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