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The sera feed A plus is a premium automatic fish feeder that’s perfect for the continual, accurate and reliable feeding of all aquarium fish.

The sera feed A plus automatic feeder is a fantastic choice due to its ease of use and practical accessories.

The round food drum holds approx. 80 ml, the selected food amount glides out slowly and evenly into the aquarium. Therefore, there will be no clumping caused by water splash-back. The gears have also been designed to not accidentally turn in the incorrect direction, such as to prevent damage to the unit.

Some other fantastic features include an easy to remove and clean splash guard as well as a special air hose connector. When connected to the latter an air pump can be used to keep the food permanently dry.

Up to 6 automatic feedings per day are possible.

Usage Directions

Inserting the battery:
• Remove food container , open battery chamber , insert battery (size AA) in correct polarity , close chamber. The unit is ready to use.
• The turning shaft within the timer indicates whether the battery is still alright.

Filling in food:
• Pull off the lid from the food container. In case the dosage adjuster becomes loose, simply put it back in place. Fill in  food .
• Push the cover onto the food container shaft, the “UP” arrow directing upwards until the cover snaps in.
• Push the food container onto the rotating shaft of the timer. The food level should be between MIN and MAX.
• Adjust the food amount with the dosage adjuster.

Setting the timer:
• Take off the splash water protection and set the timer to the current time by turning the adjustment knob. The current time must direct towards the start knob above the timer.
• Push the red pins into the timer according to the desired feeding times. Feeding is triggered by the pin at the adjusted time. The kit contains 6 pins.
• You can trigger additional feedings anytime by turning the start knob as indicated by the arrow.

1. The food container must be absolutely dry and clean before filling in new food.
2. Use only dry food of normal size. We recommend sera vipan and sera vipagran. You can prevent the food from clogging by connecting, for instance, a sera air 110 to the air connector.
3. Avoid places with high temperature. Do not shake the product strongly as to retain its reliability. Temperature range: up to +50°C (122°F).


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