Sera – Red Parrot

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Sera Red Parrot – a floating granulated food for parrot cichlids.


Specially selected ingredients have been carefully prepared and balanced to meet the specific requirements of these impressive fish. Natural pigments provide brilliant colours in a short time.

Usage Directions

Feed sparingly several times a day, but only as much as the fish can consume within a short time.


Fish Meal, Corn Starch, Wheat flour, Wheat gluten, Wheat germ, Brewers yeast, Spirulina, Fish oil (containing 49% omega fatty acids), Haematococcus algae (0.5%), Krill, Mannan oilgosaccharides (0.4%), Herbs, Alfalfa, Stinging nettle, Parsley, Green-lipped mussel, Sea algae, paprika, spinach, Carrots, Garlic.



Vitamins and pro-vitamins:

  • Vitamin A                                                                                     37,000 IU/kg
  • Vitamin D3                                                                                   1,800 IU/kg
  • Vitamin E (D, L-a-tocopheryl acetate)                                   120 mg/kg
  • Vitamin B1                                                                                    35 mg/kg
  • Vitamin B2                                                                                   90 mg/kg
  • Stab. Vitamin C (L-ascorbyl monophosphate)                     550 mg/kg

Contains EC permitted colorants.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein              42%
  • Crude Fat                      8.5%
  • Crude Fiber                  2.8%
  • Moisture                       5.0%
  • Crude Ash                     6.9%


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