ZippyPaws – Monkey RopeTugz

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The tug toy has the body of a monkey, made from soft plush material with bumpy ridges. The design of the RopeTugz loops the rope through the whole body of the monkey, so even if your dog bites down on the primate he will still get a mouthful of climbing rope that should prevent damage to the plush body. The toy includes a squeaker to get your dog even more excited while playing.

The Monkey RopeTugz toy is not a chew toy but works amazing well for dogs that enjoy gripping hard onto a tug. Beautifully designed and made from real climbers’ rope, this durable tug can withstand over 500kgs of weight and hours of tugging fun. The rope is smoother than the average braided tugs making it gentle on the hands of the owner.

Ideal for interactive play between you and your best pal or for multi-dog households! Monkey RopeTugz are available in blue, green, purple and red match to your dog’s personality.

Size: 71 x 13cm


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