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Letting your hammy out of his/her cage once in a while is a great way for them to get some much-needed exercise in, it’s also a way for them to do some exploring and take in the scenery around them.

We do suggest letting them run in a “play pen” or in their exercise balls (the exercise balls offer protection around your hamster, it is suggested however that you don’t let them roam longer than 20 minutes in the ball at a time as they can become exhausted / dehydrated), a Playpen and exercise ball also stop the risk of them getting into crevices or falling down stairs which can injure the fur babies if they are roaming freely.

You will need to monitor your hammy while they are exploring.

Hamster balls are easy to find at Interpet, and will most certainly not make a dent in your pocket, but put a smile on the face of your furry loved one.

Here is one of the hamster balls we stock:

Play pens are also stocked by us, and should you not be looking for an immediate purchase, then you can even make your own by cordoning off an area with objects that are high enough to prevent your hammy from running away.

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